NOW HIRING: The Athens County Sheriff’s Office is currently seeking applicants for School Resource Officer (SRO). Applications will be accepted from Wednesday, July 27, 2022, through Friday, August 5, 2022.

JOB SUMMARY: School Resource Officers are full-time OPOTA certified deputies specifically assigned to school districts within Athens County, providing a visible, active law enforcement deputy on campus. School Resource Officers provide classroom resources to teachers, parents, and students regarding law-related education, safety programs, alcohol and drug prevention, and crime prevention. School Resource Officers also work with school faculty members to address issues within the school community.

• To enforce criminal law and protect the students, staff, and public at large against criminal activity.
• Foster mutually respectful relationships with students and staff to support a positive school climate.
• Provide information concerning questions about law enforcement topics to students and staff.
• Provide classroom instruction on a variety of topics including, but not limited to, safety, public relations, occupational training, leadership, and life skills.
• Coordinate investigative procedures between police and school administrators.
• Handle initial police reports of violent crimes committed on campus.
• Take enforcement action on criminal matters on school property or related to school activities and consult with school administrators on such matters.
• Attend school special events as needed.

JOB TYPE:  Full-time; Non-Union position; Reoccurring 2-year contract with the school district. 

STARTING SALARY: $19.07-22.47/hour, experience considered, includes full-time benefit package.

FULL-TIME BENEFITS PACKAGE INCLUDES: Ohio Public Employees Retirement System; Deferred Compensation Retirement Plans; Employee Assistance Program; Vacation, Compensatory Time, and Personal Days accrual; Paid sick leave; Paid training.

Position is considered full-time; School Resource Officers work 40-hours per week during the academic school year. Summers assigned as needed within the Athens County Sheriff’s Office.

Must be OPOTA Certified; pass a criminal history, physical agility, and medical screening.

Applications may be obtained by contacting Brynne Morris at or in person at:

Athens County Sheriff’s Office. 
13 W. Washington Street
Athens, Ohio 45701