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Civil Process

Civil Process is the processing of all paperwork related to civil and criminal court papers, as received from the court system.  The clerk processes the incoming paperwork.  Paper service is completed by the Patrol Division, given back to the clerks, who then process the return paperwork for court. 


The Civil Division is charged with the responsibility of processing Civil Documents such as Summons, Subpoenas, Writs, Executions, and more from Courts in Ohio. Documents from any State in the United States will also be processed, but certain conditions apply.


Instructions for Out of State Service

For the Civil Division to execute process issued by another state, the Sheriff requests certification under Sections 311.07 (C)(1)(2) and 311.08 (B)(1)(2) of the Ohio Revised Code and is mandatory for service of all legal documents issued from non-Ohio areas. The Sheriff shall not execute process that is issued in a state other than this state, unless the process contains either of the following:


  1. A certification by the judge of the court that issued the process stating that the issuing court has jurisdiction to issue the process and that the documents being forwarded conform to the laws of the state in which the court is located.

  2. If the process is an initial summons to appear and defend issued after the filing of a complaint commencing an action, a certification by the clerk of the court that issued the process stating that the process was issued in conformance with the laws of the state in which the court is located.


The following items are needed for any service action by this office:

  • Papers to be served clearly marked with the party to be SERVED. Documents must be stapled/clipped together

  • A Return of Service marked RETURN for us to complete

  • A Self-Addressed stamped envelope


After service is complete, the civil clerk prepares the Service Return for where the document originated. An invoice will be returned to the requesting party detailing payment to be made.


Fees are determined by number of documents to be served and mileage necessary to attempt/complete the service. 

  • Check or Money Order accepted – NO PERSONAL CHECKS ACCEPTED

  • Make checks payable to Athens County Sheriff’s Office



For assistance, call the Civil Division

Monday through Friday 8:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M. at 740-566-4324

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