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Citizen Ride Along

Civilian passengers are permitted in sheriff’s vehicles only when specifically authorized for ride-along or when transported under official law enforcement.  Civilian observers may occasionally accompany sheriff’s deputies while on patrol in order to observe and learn about law enforcement procedures and practices.  Civilian observers must be authorized by an approving authority. 

Authorization - Ride Along

Any person or group wishing to participate in this program is required to complete a “Ride Along Program Application” and a “Ride Along Program Release of Liability Form.”  Both the application and form are processed, and based on information developed, the applicants are notified as to whether or not they are qualified to participate.  


In most situations, law-abiding citizens wishing to participate and who have completed all necessary requirements are granted that opportunity. Convicted felons or suspects in criminal activity are not allowed to participate. A criminal background check is performed to verify criminal record.  Juveniles will not be permitted to ride without a ride-along release of liability form approved, signed by the Sheriff.

If you are interested in this program, you can contact our office for availability and use the document below to review the programs requirements.

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