Sheriff Sales

Tax Sales & Bank Foreclosures

Disclosure – ORC 323.73 except as provided in division (G) of this section or section 323.78 of the Revised Code, a parcel of abandoned land that is to be disposed of under this section shall be disposed of at a public auction scheduled and conducted as described in this section. At least twenty-one days prior to the date of the public auction, the clerk of court or sheriff of the county shall advertise the public auction in a newspaper of general circulation that meets the requirements of section 7.12 of the Revised Code in the county in which the land is located. The advertisement shall include the date, time, and place of the auction, the permanent parcel number of the land if a permanent parcel number system is in effect in the county as provided in section 319.28 of the Revised Code or, if a permanent parcel number system is not in effect, any other means of identifying the parcel, and a notice stating that the abandoned land is to be sold subject to the terms of sections 323.65 to 323.79 of the Revised Code.


**The information provided on this page is a courtesy to the citizens of Athens County.  You are encouraged to verify all listings and view the full advertisement published in the Sunday editions of The Athens Messenger prior to each sale.

Please read the following information carefully as the laws pertaining to Orders of Sale file stamped on or after September 28, 2016 have changed per Senate House Bill 390.

The properties for sale are fully described in legal documents which can be obtained from the Athens County Common Pleas Court, Clerk’s Office. The Sheriff is merely an agent for the sale in accordance with the Court Order.  Prospective purchasers are advised to search the public records to investigate title and description.

  • Each sale will begin promptly at 10 am at 13 W. Washington Street, Athens, Ohio.

  • Each case will have two (2) sale dates scheduled. (In case of no bids on the first sale)

  • For the first sale date, the starting bid will be 2/3 of the appraised amount, unless ordered otherwise.

  • If the first sale has no bids, the second sale will start with no minimum bid.

  • A deposit is required by 2 pm on the sale date and is based upon the appraised amount – see chart below.

  • NO CASH.  Personal or certified check only.

  • All purchasers are required to complete a Purchaser Information Form (see link below to print or one will be provided to you at the time of sale)

  • Third-Party Purchasers must provide a valid driver’s license or State ID to the Sheriff at the time of the sale.

  • Remote Bids – Each Judgment Creditor in the action may submit a remote bid to the Sheriff via fax at 740.594.1374 or email to  A fixed amount must be delivered to the Sheriff prior to 4:30 pm the business day before the sale. The remote bidders must provide a Purchaser Information Form with the emailed or faxed bid.  That bid shall be placed by the Sheriff at the time of the sale on their behalf.

  • The legal owner of the property is the Defendant until the Deed is recorded.

  • No one has a legal right to enter the property or make changes to the property except for the owner of the property. Except for the new Vacant/Abandoned rules.

  • Once the Deed is recorded, the Sale is transferred to the new owner, either the Plaintiff or the 3rd party purchaser.

  • IMPORTANT NOTE FOR SECOND SALE: as a condition for the second sale, the purchaser must pay, in addition to the amount bid, a deposit to the sheriff to be used to pay the costs and allowances of the sale. The Athens County Sheriff’s Office requires a deposit of $7,500.00. The Sheriff is required to return the deposit, less the amount used for costs and allowances, to the purchaser within 14 days after the transfer of sale. See O.R.C. 2923.211.

If the property in a bank foreclosure does not sell on the first date listed, it will then be offered on the second sale date.  Please see THE advertisement in the SATURDAY ATHENS MESSENGER (ADVERTISED THREE consecutive SATURDAY’S PRIOR TO THE FIRST SALE DATE) for complete and specific details on each sale.

For the second sale in a bank foreclosure, the purchaser must pay, regardless of the bid amount, a deposit of $7,500.00 to the sheriff to be used to pay the costs and allowances of the sale.  The Sheriff is required to return the remaining deposit (if any), less the amount used for costs and allowances, to the purchaser within 14 days after the transfer of sale. See. O.R.C. 2923.211.

Deposit Scale

<$10,000.00 = deposit of $2,000.00

$10,000.00 </ =$200,000.00 = deposit of $5,000.00

>$200,000.00 = deposit of $10,000.00



Should you have additional questions, contact Joni Allbaugh by phone at 740.566.4381, by e-mail at or by fax at 740.594.1374.