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Major Crimes/Criminal Interdiction

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The mission of the Athens Major Crimes Unit is to produce innovative, proactive responses to street level crime problems based on crime statistics, trend identification and identified community needs and concerns. Focusing on mid to upper level drug traffickers and violent offenders the unit will use a multi-jurisdictional approach in cooperation with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies to bring investigations to a successful conclusion. Investigators will work to fulfill the mission of the Athens Major Crimes Unit in a way


that inspires the public’s trust and confidence and protects the constitutional rights of each citizen.

The goals of the Athens Major Crimes Unit are as follows:


• Establish and maintain partnerships with community leaders and groups.
• Reduce crime through information based directed tactics.
• Investigators will investigate neighborhood-specific crimes, and solve them

   through witness contacts, analyses and forensics.
• Target and apprehend career criminals.
• Gather, analyze and disseminate information on crime trends and groups that are targeting neighborhoods.
• Coordinate efforts with other units within the law enforcement community.


The Athens Major Crimes Unit conducts narcotic, gang and major crimes investigations for the participating agencies. The unit also provides additional manpower, equipment and other operational resources to agencies as needed. The Athens Major Crimes Unit services an area of over 1,435 square miles and a population of over 214,650 citizens.


Citizens and law enforcement officers may call the office number 24 hours a day. If no investigators are on duty, voice mail is available to leave a message or tip information about a suspected criminal activity.

Contact the Major Crimes Unit 24/7 @ 740-566-4304

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