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Explorer Post 2320


The Athens County Sheriff’s Office Law Enforcement Explorer Program has created new inroads of understanding between youth, law enforcement, and the community.  Deputy Explorers receive extensive training and then actively participate in community affairs and non-hazardous law enforcement activities.

The explorers at the Athens County Sheriff’s Office are an elite group of young adults ranging in age from 14 to 21.  This group does everything from class room activities, working side by side with Deputies and Investigators and physical training each month.

The Athens County Sheriff’s Office Law Enforcement Explorer Post #2320 is sponsored by & chartered to Athens County Sheriff Rodney Smith. The explorer post operates under the guidelines of the Allohak Valley Council of the Boy Scouts of America.


Objectives of the Explorer Post

The leadership program gives young adults, interested in a career in Law Enforcement, a chance to explore all facets of law enforcement. The program furthers its member’s general education and assists the explorer in preparing for a career in Law Enforcement.
In addition to the benefits an explorer gains through the program, we also provide our community with an outstanding young citizen displaying desirable habits, attitudes and practices.

In order to participate in the Law Enforcement Explorer Program, an individual must:

  1. Be the age of 14 to 21

  2. Have parental approval, if applicant is under the age of 18

  3. Be of sound physical health

  4. Maintain appearance and grooming in accordance with the Athens County Sheriff’s Office policy

Explorers must at all times, in and out of uniform, conduct themselves in a courteous and responsible manner.

Eligibility Requirements

  • The Law Enforcement Post #2320 conducts regularly scheduled monthly meetings.

  • The meetings begin promptly at 1800 hrs. (6pm) and ends at 2000 hrs. (8pm).

  • Meetings are held at the Athens County Sheriff’s Office which is located at 13 W. Washington St. Athens, Ohio.

  • The topics of instruction vary, which can include anything related to law enforcement, and it is at the discretion of the adviser/s.

  • Not all meetings are held in a classroom atmosphere, often, practical scenarios are planned which gives the explorers a chance to participate and learn from their mistakes in simulated situations.

For more information, contact Sergeant Jimmy Childs at


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